Retrieving ancient DTTG purchase

Silly question, but perhaps someone can give me the right answer. I purchased Devonthink to Go many years ago. I don’t remember when, but probably when it came out. Somehow or other I never found much use for it (others did, apparently). But I always thought: that’s ok, there’ll be a version 2 coming out soon. Well, “soon” appears to be getting sooner, but I can no longer be found on either my iphone or ipad, or on my purchased list in itunes. I suppose that might be related to my having purchased it while living in another country… I don’t know.
Can anyone advise on retrieving ancient and invisible purchases perhaps made in another country?



Do you still use the same Apple ID? Then all purchases not installed on your iPhone/iPad should be listed by the App Store application.

Just download the app from the app store, if you have purchased the app at an earlier time you don´t have to pay for the purchase (if you use the same username in iTunes)

That’s just it. I probably used another ID, but I have no memory of it. I remember having it some devices until not so long ago… I wonder where it went.As I say: ancient history. Probably I’ll have to make a new purchase. I hope it’ll be a universal app (i.e. 1 purchase, not 2).


It will be one, DEVONthink To Go 2 supports both the iPad and the iPhone.

If you know what Apple ID you used to purchase it, you could set up Family Sharing with that and your main Apple ID. The app should then be available to both.

Search your email archives for the receipt maybe?