Retrieving WikiLinks via Applescript

Is there a way to retrieve the WikiLinks via applescript?

I want to automatically tag documents based on certain WikiLinks in their text.

Do you want to retrieve actual Wiki links automatically added by DEVONthink? Or do you only want to retrieve all mashed words (like “WikiLinks”)?

The scripts posted in the following thread might be of interest: using OCR to sort scaned papers

I just want the links automatically added by DEVONthink.

Thanks for the link to the other thread: once I have a way to figure out what the links are, that should help me tag them.,

The automatically added links are not (yet) scriptable as they’re not persistent, they’re only temporarily added for displaying.

Thanks for confirming that, Christian. The more I looked, the more I suspected this.

Please consider this a feature request to add some sort of script support for these links in the future. For my purposes, it’s fine that they remain transient for display, as long as I can display a record and retrieve the links.