Retroactively change all rich text fonts?

I’ve just gone into DT Preferences and changed my default rich text font to 14 points instead of 12, because it shows up significantly better on my large monitor.

Is there any way I can go back and change all my previously created notes to this larger font in one fell swoop and not manually, one document at a time?

Perhaps, but I don’t know how at the moment.

However, I prefer 12 as my default font size. That’s pretty small even on my laptop screen, and very small on my 24-inch monitor.

Try the keyboard shortcut to increase the apparent font size, Control-Command-Up Arrow. That doesn’t change the font size, which I find an advantage when I move draft material to a competent word processor for polishing. My copy is still 12-point.

It’s like the magnification setting in word processors. Kick up the viewed size to a comfortable level. Notice that when you open another document, DEVONthink will remember the view size you have settled on.

Obviously, to make the viewed size smaller, Control-Command-Down Arrow will do that.

Want to see the actual size onscreen? Command-0 (zero) will do that.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the fast reply. Yes, I’ve been using the Comman-Control-Up Arrow trick, but since I find myself using it in every document, I thought what the heck, I’ll just increase the font as the default.

As for doing it retroactively, I wonder if some folks here far smarter than me know how to use Apple Script to do this.