Returning to PDF in DTTG - ‘nothing selected’

Hi all,

Being fairly new to DTTG (2 months-ish), I have been noticing a recurring issue:

Returning to a PDF after sleeping the iPad Pro on iOS 11, DTTG shows the error ‘nothing selected’. The group/file navigator shows the same file is still selected, and therefore unable to be re-selected.

My current workaround is to navigate out to another group or subgroup, open a different file and then return to the previous group and file to continue reading. Although not a terrible experience, it is a bit frustrating - especially when I’m with a student and want a seamless workflow.

Anyone else experienced this?

I am not seeing it here.
Is the device in portrait or landscape?
Does it occur with any other fileType?


The issue is repeated with GIF and PDF, when in portrait or landscape.

Although, and I’ve not noticed this before, the issue only occurs after the ipad has been asleep for several minutes (front cover closed).

Thanks. I’ll check it out and see if letting it rest a bit longer does it.

DEVONthink to Go always works that way for me, iPad or iPhone. I’ve always thought that was just the way it was designed. I just launched the app on my phone and here is what it looks like. Portrait or landscape, multiple document types, it doesn’t matter.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for that - this is exactly it!

Just struck me as odd that if I wanted to continue to read a lengthy article or book, I would have to sort of reload it each time.

As I’ve previously said, it’s only a mild inconvenience; more a quality of life sort of issue.

I’m seeing the same thing. I believe it only started after the last update or two.

If this is consistently reproducible, someone please post steps. Thanks

There are no steps involved, other than just using the app. I was viewing this PDF on my iPhone X yesterday. This is what I see when I launch the app today.

I just launched DEVONthink to Go on my iPad. Not sure exactly what I was last viewing yesterday, but this is what I am greeted with today.

It’s frustratingly simple for me to reproduce:

  • open and read (perhaps scroll through?) PDF or document
  • put iPad Pro to sleep
  • come back later that day or the following day to continue reading to be met with the ‘nothing selected’ message

Sorry to not be of any further help, but I don’t think I’m doing anything unusual, special or abnormal. I’m just reading a PDF and then putting the iPad to sleep :frowning:

We are looking into it.

I believe I have it figured out. I had the PDF Viewer app by PSPDFKit installed, and it would appear there is a conflict with having that app installed and the PSPDFKit PDF SDK used in DEVONthink to Go. Once I deleted the PDF Viewer app, DEVONthink to Go no longer gives me the ‘Nothing selected’ condition.

Hope that DEVON and the PSPDFKit folks can get this figured out soon. I’m on their TestFlight program and can test a new build with DEVONthink , assuming the problem is on their end.

Good thinking, Greg but I got it to happen without PSPDFKit’s standalone app installed. I do think it’s something on their end as it’s only happening with PDF files. An issue has been filed. Thanks all.

Sorry to reiterate, but this doesn’t seem to be limited to particular file types for me. I was viewing a .pages file a few days ago, the last time I used DTTG, and just relaunched without having closed the app in the launcher and received the same ‘nothing selected’ error.

I take it this is not a very common issue?

I will see if I can reproduce it with other files here. I hadn’t so far.

Happens to me with more than PDFs. Can confirm PDF, Pages, and .md-files.

This happens to me with Markdown files as well. Jim N, I have already filed a support ticket on this.

Have there been new developments with this, maybe even a workaround? I’m getting more and more reliant on DTTG (writing my master thesis right now) and it’s starting to get a little frustrating. I only need to leave the app for a few minutes, sometimes even less. When I come back, I need to re-select my current PDF.

We are working on it for the a maintenance release.