Returning User - but feel like a Newbie again

I used DTPro very heavily for a few years (2011 - 2018) for organising a non-fiction book; I then let things slip for a while (writings essays) but am now back with a new large project.

I purchased DTPro3 this morning and started Indexing my basic working documents from Dropbox Folders: Scapple, Scrivener and Tinderbox, and then tested with a name search for a common name in all these kinds of documents. Results: fast and accurate for Scapple and Tinderbox, nothing from Scrivener. When I checked, DT3 is not completely Indexing Scrivener Documents and missing entirely cases where the search term is actually showing. This worked with DTPro 2, and I though I was doing the same thing, but clearly I’m making a basic error. So: what am I doing wrong?


Perhaps it is worth observing that it is not just DEVONthink that has changed since 2011, but also Scrivener. I can’t remember when version 3 came out, but there were definitely some changes to projects. So it might have something to do with that.

You could also try content:search. It might help