Reusing the given password for multiple encrypted databases

After getting my content from the global inbox to a dedicated encrypted database (thanks for the support!!!), I started to split the content into 3 encrypted databases.

This split is because of different types of content and their expectation to get more content or not.

But having encrypted databases, I now get asked for the password … three times.
I was thinking about a split into even more dedicated content databases, but constantly entering the same password multiple times (just imagine 20+ databases!) is nothing but rediculous.

Having used VeraCrypt, I am used to a different experience:

VeraCrypt offers to store the given password for future use, or only to use it once to mount any and all volumes that can be mounted with the same password.

As I add 4, sometimes 6 VeraCrypt volumes, this is very conventient.

How about adding a similar mechanism to DEVONthink, to ease the use of multiple encrypted databases?

Pleaseeeee :slight_smile:

You can store the password in your keychain. However this wouldn’t be considered very secure if typing in a password isn’t required to open a database.

PS: You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly.

Therefor I proposed the above :wink:

Ask for the passsword, try it on all encrypted databases to be mounted and then forget it again.

If a database cannot be mounted, ask again for a password and try this password on all those databases that are still to be mounted.


Like VeraCrypt does … which shows that it is a good method.

I don’t know if it’s a ”good” method or not (and I don’t use VeraCrypt) but the request is noted.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

Now, this method is better than the current, therefor I wrote “good” as it is also used on one of the most used cryptographic systems … VeraCrypt (formerly TrueCrypt).

If you only use one password, you can mount all 1000 databases with entering one password - instead of 1000 times entering the same password, which may take hours.


Another +1