"Reveal" behaviour – change it?

Hello all,

Assume I type [TERM 1] into the search bar.
DTPO calls up a bunch of possibles that meet the search criteria.

I select one of them, and hit the “Reveal” button in the toolbar.

DTPO takes me to the Group where that the file is to be found.
I know it also highlights/selects the particular file.

Is this the same behaviour for everyone else?
Assuming it is – might I request that the “Reveal” takes me directly to the file?

On the last several occasions when I ‘revealed’ files, I was pointed to the Group location. Unfortunately, it was but 1 file of several thousand.
It quickly becomes tedious having to scroll through the list, until you find the blue ‘selection’ bar. Sometimes, if you’re scrolling too fast, you might miss it as well – which then sees a reverse scroll, to finally locate the file.

Am I missing something?

You are missing something, but I don’t know what to suggest. The Reveal command has always scrolled to/selected the document, and shows the content in the preview pane (assuming I am using a view that previews the document). As a starting point, what view do you normally use?

Checking this out myself I notice there are some funky behaviors such as @Cassady reports, when using Reveal in the “as Split” view.

Interesting, as I switched exclusively to the Split view from Three Pane 2-3 years ago, and have never seen an issue with it. I do use the Reveal command on a fairly regular basis.


Thanks Greg_Jones & korm – I exclusively use the 3-Pane view. The more I think about it, I do recall it doing what I expected sometime back, which adds to korm’s point of possible inconsistencies…

Going to close/restart my DBs, and see what happens.


Bit of feedback.

3-Pane view.

When hitting [Reveal], the “preview” section (i.e. bottom half of the right half of the screen) does indeed switch to show the file I [revealed]. It’s the top half of the right half side of the screen (i.e. the files list) that doesn’t play along. There, the file has been [selected] in blue, but I’m not ‘taken to it’, i.e. I still need to play scroll-games to physically ‘see’ it in the list, if that makes sense…

I use 3-pane view, and in groups with many documents I have the same problem as the OP, in the file list pane. My workaround: since the revealed document is selected (even if you can’t see it in the file list pane), I just up-arrow or down-arrow and the pane jumps to the proper location and the pane refreshes without the need to scroll around. I then just type the reverse direction arrow and I’m back to the original selected record.
It would be nice if it was fixed in a future version though.

Live and learn! :smiley:

Thanks – just tried it, and it works perfectly. That would not have occurred to me.

Question: From which search location was the Reveal command performed? Toolbar query, or full Search window?

I always use the full Search window. I’ve checked what happens when I select a search result which includes documents from several open databases. I’ve now randomly selected 12 documents and invoked Reveal. In every case a new view window was opened, displaying the document in the Three Panes display pane and in every case showing the scroll position of the document in the list of documents within the enclosing group. In several cases the number of documents in the enclosing group was large, and the list had scrolled downward correctly to reveal the document selected.

That’s the behavior I’ve always expected and it always seems to work here.

Thanks Bill. I very seldom use (need to use) the full Search window - given how things are setup my side. The [reveal] scenario with 3-pane view described above, was from the find selection - top right, where [reveal] does not appear to behave in the same manner as described by you. The workaround suggested above, sorts out my query - but it would be nice to have both scenarios work the same.

I find that using the full Search window always not only provides more power (true, I don’t always need it), it saves me time and effort in the long run. For example, it allows a quick check (the Similar Words button) to see if there might be alternative spellings of the query term (including typos or OCR errors). A big bonus of the full Search window is the ability to turn a query into a saved smart group.

Is there any chance of having a fix for this behaviour, which is still there in 2.8.8? I use the three-pane view all the time and I use Reveal often, almost entirely from either the toolbar query or a smart group. It is frustrating to have to search for the highlighted item in the upper right pane. The other views seem to to work fine, with the revealed item highlighted without needing to search for it. As Bill notes, Reveal from the full Search window works fine in three-pane view, so there is something anomalous about using Reveal from the toolbar and Smart group.

I also encounter this problem (also using 3-pane view). I generally use hotkeys, so when I need to reveal a file (from a search/find or smart group) I press cmd-r. Usually this takes me to the group, highlights the file, but doesn’t scroll to it. Pressing cmd-r a second time scrolls me to the file. So that’s an alternative to the arrow-up/down.