Reveal group in sidebar to see Date Created at a Glance

Is there a script or another way to create a keyboard shortcut so that when I am in a group from which I am reading a specific document, I can reveal the document in the sidebar so that I can organize all files in the group based on date created and see all dates at a glance, not individually.

To sum up, here’s what I’d like the keyboard shortcut to do:

  • Reveal the document I am reading in the side bar. The sidebar view is not my main goal here. My main goal is to see all dates created in a group at once.
  • Change the view to as list so that I can see all items in the group as well as their date created. I usually have the view as columns and preview at standard and so the view will have to be changed to as list; I would prefer that the preview remains as standard.

I am attaching a before (less desktop yellow background) and after picture (more yellow background) of what I am looking for.

to see all dates created in a group at once

What dates? I don’t see dates in your example.

Command-2 switches to List view.

The dates when the documents were created. They can be seen in the second column in the second screenshot. Next to date created is date modified, in the third column in the second screenshot, though I am not interested in that one.

Command-2 does switch to List view, but it also shows various other groups (I am attaching a screenshot). In the example below, I do not want to see the groups Test 1 or test 1.1 which show above the files in group test 1.1.1. I only want to see what is in test 1.1.1 (as shown in the second screenshot in my first post).

Bumping this up because it would be really helpful for me if there is a keyboard shortcut to reveal a group in the side bar and be able to see the dates for each item in the group at a glance (Screenshot #2 in the original post).

Do you have Preferences > General > Interface > Automatically reveal items or Sidebar: Automatically expand & collapse enabled?

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I had the sidebar > automatically expand & collapse enabled, but not the Interface one. Now I enabled both, and looks like it is working. Thank you.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I think I wrote a bit too quickly : )

It does not seem to work with replicants and it does not seem to work consistently with non-replicants.

I enabled both preferences as you listed above, quit DT3, restarted the computer, and followed these steps to try out only with side bar or only with the interface option. I had better results only with the sidebar preference, but as I wrote, at this moment, it does not seem to be consistent.

Is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut specifically to reveal items in the sidebar?

No, this is not possible.

Thanks for letting me know.

What do I need to do to make the Reveal in Sidebar work more consistently?