"Reveal" not working when performed on file in tag

When a user uses the “reveal”/cmd-r on a file that lives in a group by selecting that file in a list of tags, the user is not taken to that group.

That is a terrible explanation so let me give you a scenario:

lives in a group called
and is tagged as

If I am in the “Reading” tag and ask to reveal Journal-article.pdf, nothing happens. For some reason I have the expectation to be taken to the “Reading” group.

What’s a bit stranger is that if I use Search to locate that same file and ask to “Reveal” it while there is at least one DTPO window open to the Reading tag, I’m still taken to the tag.

In this case the file Journal-article.pdf was created in a group and the tag was added to it (rather than the pdf being added straight to the tag).

I’m not sure if my explanation makes any sense so I can try and re-explain.

Did this behaviour change with a recent update? What’s the actually-designed behaviour?

I am not seeing a problem here. I’m in a Tag, select a file and press Command-R to Reveal it. I can see the focus has changed to the parent group while it appears the file selection hasn’t changed. That would be correct.

Strange, just tried it with about 15 files across two different tags and in no case was I taken to the parent group of the selected file.

Not a huge deal but it is a mysterious little issue. Then again, I do have DTPO running almost continuously (I think the last time I actually closed it was a few days ago…) so once my workday is done today I’ll close it down and maybe do a restart and see if that fixes things up.