Reverse or Invert PDF page order


Is there any way in DTPO to automatically invert or reverse pdf page order?
In other words: if there is a document that goes from page 41 to page 1, can I change the order so that it goes from 1 to 41.
Dragging and dropping the thumbnails seems not to work if there are too many pages (I can’t get it to scroll up).



There is no automatic method to reverse PDF page order in DEVONthink. It is slightly easier to manually change order when the sidebar is dragged wider and three columns of pages are shown. It’s also a bit easier using the thumbnail pane in Preview.

The Paper Handling setting in Print can print a document in reverse, though you would need a printer driver that prints to PDF, such as CUPS-PDF or Printopia. Unfortunately, Paper Handling is not effective when using Print’s standard “PDF” dialog.

Thanks for that. Pity there’s no more immediate way (it can’t be that unusual to end up with a pdf in the wrong order). I’ll look at the workarounds you suggest.
Thanks again,


First I’ve ever heard of it, actually. :wink:

I used to create the problem myself by selecting a group of documents in the wrong page order that I wanted to merge. Other than that, not a problem here.