RfE: please show date in documents list

Hi All and a Happy New Year! :clinking_glasses:

I was asking for sortable search results a few years ago and, finally, with V3 that wish became true - thank you!

Why was I asking that (for me) essential feature?
I’ve a use case (a need) to view my documents in a chronological order - when was an email sent? when was it answered? when was a meeting? what happened on a specific topic, on a specific #tag, on a specific person in what order?
So, I do a search (a persons name, a #tag, a subject, etc.) and then sort it by creation date (when did the entries arrive) or sort it by modification date (when was something changed the last time).

Now, only one thing is still missing - please, consider it for one of the next updates - I really need it.
If I do a search as mentioned above, and then sort the results, I don’t have an easy way to see, when these documents were created / changed - of course, the chronology is there, but I don’t see the dates (sorted by creation: show creation date, sorted by modification: show modification date). It needs then three taps on every single document to get that info:

  1. tap on the document
  2. tap on the three dots
  3. tap on “Information” to see the creation / modification dates

It would be so much helpful to add the preview with the date, even on the small iPhone it is possible - I’ve created an image attached to this “new year wish”:

Thank you,

The request is noted. We will consider this for future releases.

A Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

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one more idea…this could also be a way to ‘sort by due date’ and then show the due dates.
This may belong to: Request: please add a global smart group showing reminders