Rich Text Editing on DTTG?

While we are still waiting for the app to be re-submitted and hopefully approved in the app store can anyone tell me whether it is possible to edit rich text notes on the iPod Touch/iPhone?

I’m looking at doing a conversion of all my Evernote files, they come in as Web Archives and unreadable using the scripts I found. I have to go in by hand and convert them to either plain text or rich text and re-name then in DT then delete the old web archive version. If I’m going to all this trouble I want to make sure the resulting note is still going to be editable on my mobile device.

Rich text is better form a tabbing/spacing point of view.


Plain text editing is fine, rich text editing is not currently possible with any iOS app. More info in the thread here. RTF(D) documents will sync and display fine, it’s just not possible to edit them in DEVONthink To Go.

Thanks, I was afraid of that.

Now off to Apple to request RTF editing in iOS :slight_smile:

Not sure if this would be more appropriate as a new thread, and it certainly is of no help re. RTF files we’ve already created, but I wonder if (especially until such time as Apple includes RTF editing in the iOS) it might not be a big help if DTP and DTTG could support Markdown. This is a great way to provide for simple formatting of documents (including links that work) in the iOS environment.

I’ve been using Trunk Notes–which uses Markdown–for over a year; more recently Markdown Mail and a couple of other apps for iPhone or iPad have gone this route. I like it, as the emphasis is on content more than formatting, the results look great, and even the plain text is easy to read, uncluttered by a lot of tags. Links can be created, which right now does not happen with text notes on DTTG. (Trunk Notes, among other things, implements wiki linking, very similar to DTP–it sure would be sweet to have this functionality in the DTTG, and the Markdown code is already available open source. Would this interest anyone else? What think our developers?

I would love built-in markdown support. Right now I open my markdown-formatted scripts in TextMate to run it through its markdown viewer.

Two things I hope to see in the near future of DtTG: full screen viewing/editing, and (multi)markdown support!

Rotate the device to see full screen.

I should have specified: in landscape view, for better typing!

If the solution were to be supported on both desktop and iOS, it may be worth noting that IIRC there is no version of MultiMarkdown that can easily be included in an iOS app. There are, however, open-source implementations of Markdown with some extensions in (for example) C, such as Discount. The number of iPhone or iPad apps using this approach is now up to about five, I think. Their use for general purposes like drafting email or posting to various filing/sharing sites means the Markdown user base is extending beyond web authors.

Our developer seems to have users clamoring for all kinds of fixes and other issues but I hope the issue of editing some kind of formatted text with DTTG is one that gets addressed.

A link that mentions Markdown implementations suitable for iOS apps: … -markdown/

I notice that Notability on the iPad was updated today to a version that will export documents to RTF. Documents can be exported to Dropbox (among other destinations) and from there roundtripped into DT and DTTG. Notability is the first app I’ve noticed that handles RTF export - perhaps there are others.

Thanks for the headsup… I just got Notability and it is unique.

As soon as we find a good RTF framework we will surely be one of the first ones to use it.

Thanks for the tip on Notability.

I’ve been looking for an app that is able to simply do the following:

  • Open a RTF in DTTG (with the open in command)
  • Edit the RTF
  • Save back to DTTG

Pretty much the same thing iAnnotate can do with PDFs, but with RTFs.

Can Notability do this? Are there other apps that would be able to do this (both on the iPhone and on the iPad)?


As far as I can tell, Notbility does not have an Open In command - that is, a command that opens from Notability to other iOS apps. It can however transfer files from Notability to the cloud (Dropbox, iDisk) or email.

Visit its site and RTM for more info on capabilities.

It clearly offers Open In support for Dropbox. From their website:

“When you’d like to download a note, open the Dropbox app on your iPad, select the note and tap Open in Notability.”

And it seems like it is able to import/export RTF.

The problem is that I’ve already purchased two other apps that claimed in a vague way that they could “edit text”, listed .rtf as a supported file, and offered “open in” support, only to find out that these where all true, but not in the way I was expecting (that is, they could only view RTF, or only export PDFs through “open in”).

So, before purchasing a third one, I wanted to know if anyone had already tried it and got it to work with DTTG, or if there is another app that can do this. Many thanks, again.

Just a follow-up, I’ve emailed them, and this is the response:

"Yes, you can create notes in Notability, send to Dropbox in RTF format, edit them on your computer, re-import them into Notability via Open In from the Dropbox app.

The Library in Notability allows you to upload notes in various formats to Dropbox, iDisk and WebDAV servers."

So it seems promising for use with DTTG, I would imagine. I’ll try it out and post back.

I have DTTG and Notability. I am able to “send to” from DTTG to Notability, edit the rtf file there, but cannot get it directly back to DTTG; there is no “send to”. I can export the file to Dropbox or iDisk or even iTunes. Since DTTG doesn’t import from DB or iDisk, that leaves iTunes (or Padsync on the mac), which means copying to from iTunes-or-Padsync to DTPO and then syncing. Back in DTTG the file has arrived but the file name is not the same, so it’s a copy of the original, which is still in DTTG.

It kind of works, but in a round-about way. And not the way you want it to work.