Right click freezes program

I am unable to access the contextual menu (right click) in a DevonAgent window. The problem appears as follows:

I do a fast search on any word, say, Devonagent. The search produces a list of pages, a digest and a log. I select an item under Pages, Open, select a section and right click, and the program appears to pause briefly, then freeze, requiring a Force Quit. If instead of Open, I select Open URL, Safari starts and opens the page. If I then select something and right click, Safari freezes, requiring a Force Quit. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


No problem here – I can’t replicate that behavior. I can right-click a selection in the page and transfer it to DT Pro. No pause or freeze.

Have you done routine maintenance such as permissions repair and disk repair? Have you installed any haxies? Have you installed Adobe Acrobat or Reader, and not deleted the problematic Adobe plugin from //Library/Internet Plugins/? (If you are running Tiger, you don’t need the Adobe plugin and should definitely remove it.)

If the problem persists you can copy your DEVONagent crash log for a recent crash to TextEdit, compress it and attach it to an email to Support, including a description of what you were doing at the time of the crash.

Sounds like there’s at least one buggy contextual menu plugin installed on your computer - try disabling one CM plugin after another to find out which one is causing the problem.