Right click "Move To" options

I typically have 20 databases open at any one time, each in turn having a similar number of first tier Groups. When I select “Move To”, I am taken to a list of databases open to first tier level, which requires considerable scrolling to reach most databases.

I am wondering if there is an option allowing the user to be presented with destination databases in fully collapsed form?

I do get the behaviour I want using the Sorter, but the sorter suffers from the problem that it has no “Collapse All” facility that I am aware of.

One alternative might be to use Data > Move To… (shortcut Cmd-Ctrl-M) instead.

Thank you for that suggestion which is indeed helpful. However:

“Move To…” does not show recent destinations, but is fully collapsed and has a useful search function
“Move To” isn’t fully collapsed, but does show recent destinations and favorites
The Sorter remains partly uncollapsed after use, but does show favorites.

Might it be possible in future to have at least one of these option providing all three benefits? (that is, a fully collapsed option, showing recent destinations, and with a search option?)

Nonetheless, many thanks for the speedy and helpful reply!

Thank you for the suggestion, this is planned for future releases.