Right-click to delete a tag from a file

I just figured out that when I’m looking at the list of files with a particular tag (i.e. by selecting a tag under “Globals | Tags” ) and I right-click a file and select “move to trash”, it doesn’t actually move the file to the trash…it actually removes the tag from that file (the tag that correspond to the view you’re in).

It would be nice if the right-click menu had an extra option to “remove tag”…so, you could right-click on it to actually remove the tag so you didn’t have to select “move to trash” when that’s not what you want to do.

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The functionality you want might already be there.

When you display a document, there is an optional tag bar at the bottom of the document window.

When you click on a tag in the tag bar, the tag will sprout a down arrow which will reveal a couple of options.

One of those options is to remove the tag. I kind of like that. Anywhere I see a document I can remove any of the tags it carries.

There’s a neat mechanism at work there, too. When you remove a tag, the file doesn’t disappear from the tag until you hit return. That lets you keep the document selected so you can add or remove other tags.

Does help with your navigation?

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