Roadmap for DevonThink 3.0?

Is there any public roadmap for DevonThink 3.0? Or at least any discussions/info from DevonTechnologies about future directions?

If there’s an obvious discussion, I missed it. I’ll blame it on the weak coffee I’ve been given this morning.

Once DTTG is released I’ll be focused a lot on rethinking how I use DT (for the better I hope…I only travel with my iPad these days, so this will be a boon). Having an idea of future plans would be nice.

Sorry but no, there’s no public roadmap at this time.


Do you have any features that you’d want to improve or be announced in 3.0?

Actually the only thing I’ve been really wanting is a reliable iOS app, and that appears to be coming shortly.

A UI refresh would be nice, though from past experiences that can be dangerous. Right now everything is functional and available. Changing the UI for the sake of a more modern look could reduce how usable/accessible everything is.

Since there hasn’t been a reliable iOS app I’ve used DevonThink over the past few years as a repository of static documents/projects that I may need to refer to in the future – not documents I’m actively working with. I’m going to try and use it for more active projects and notes now, so new ideas/requests might be sparked from that (like perhaps some basic outlining features in rtf documents…I don’t need it to replace OmniOutliner, but just an option for some base formatting).

Anyhow, looking forward to trying out DTTG.