RobTrew's Skim-to-Devonthink script broken?

I’ve just opened a new thread ( on the GitHub that host the script, but I wanted to post here as well, in case someone is experiencing the same problem or have any possible solution to it…

I really love the idea behind the Skim-to-Devonthink script, which sends annotations from Skim to Devonthink, but it never worked really well for me. I’m on El Capitan, using the last version of the script (23) and of Skim. Until recently I was using Devonthink 2.8.4, and for a reason that I haven’t been able to understand, the script was only working when the pdf with the annotations wasn’t already in the Devonthink database (which was definitely not convenient since all my pdfs are already in the database). I was hoping that updating Devonthink to the lastest version might resolve the issue, as it could have come from an incompatibility with El Capitan, but on the contrary the script now doesn’t work at all. Now, when I launch it, it only creates the new group in Devonthink but do not import the text files containing the annotations.

Any idea about what could be the problem here? Anyone experiencing it as well?

I was also trying to do the same yesterday: using El Capitan like you do.

I doesn’t work on my machine either.

I am not really good at scripting. I hope somebody can help to fix the script.

This is a user-contributed script. You would need to write or direct message Rob (at complexpoint). The script requires Growl, a notification engine that predates Notifications in OS X. Over the years since the script was release, DEVONthink has changed, Skim has changed.

There are other ways to get notes out of Skim rather than dependence on an old, broken, custom script, btw.

@korm: “There are other ways to get notes out of Skim rather than dependence on an old, broken, custom script, btw.”

That’s good to know, what are some of your top suggestions?

Skim > File > Export

or, simply copy the notes in the Notes sidebar and paste them to your destination

Thanks for that, @korm.

I think one of the functions of the script (at least the functionality that I’m looking for) is how to take the notes and highlights from Skim (whether Skim notes or plain text) which exports the notes as a single file and to explode them into separate documents that are correctly named and have the citation embedded for searching and matching in DTP. Any best practices for that?


I’m also interested in such a script that “explodes” the files. I’ve been using the Sente to DevonThink script for such an approach, and as Sente is clearly dying on me, I’m forced to look for other options. I thought Bookends might help on that front, but no luck yet…