rotating .pdf files, removing blank pages

Hello! I have a question regarding the rotation of files scanned into Devonthink Pro Office. I am using a Scansnap scanner and at times the documents are not properly rotated. Is there a way to rotate a page once this is in DTPO? I have tried opening them in Acrobat Pro and rotating them, however when reimporting into DTPO they are still in the incorrect orientation. (perhaps Acrobat actually keeps the originally oriented file as a master?).
I imagine that I am looking for basic editing inside devonthink if possible…
not sure if this exists but any advice much appreciated!
Thank you

Although DT Pro Office has a script that can rotate images – and PDFs are images, in part – do not use that script, as it will cause problems for multi-page PDFs.

Note that Preview can open PDFs already stored in your database, and can rotate individual pages and remove blank pages. After the edit, press Save (not Save As) and the file stored in the database will be updated. Next, in DT Pro Office, select that PDF and choose File > Synchronize. Now the changes will be visible in your database. (Likewise, if you’ve used Acrobat for the edit, you need to choose File > Synchronize to update the display in the database.)

Christian has noted that such edits can be done internally in DEVONthink 2.

Thank you Bill for your quick reply! I am encouraged that I can rotate and edit individual pages within a multipage .pdf.
If I decide to use Acrobat Pro for these edits, do I follow the save instructions as per. preview, ie, I would simply do the edits and then issue the ‘save’ command? Then, I must ‘synchronize’ in DTPO? Thanks!

PS. You mention this is possible internally in DTPO2, where is the thread where this is posted I would like to read more about DTPO2 if possible.

Best wishes!


Look under the forum thread, “Announcements”.

another issue I am having when scanning multipage documents to pdf using a scansnap- the pages are sometimes out of order. I am finding that some pages are repeating twice, and that other pages are not in successive order.
Is there a setting in the scansnap drivers or in DTPO that I need to change?
Thank you very much

No, those are not ScanSnap Manager setting issues, but perhaps tied to the paper feeder. If a page jams, check the number of pages that have been scanned, remove the stack and replace the pages for correct feeding of the un-scanned pages.


Choosing the rotate script will erase all but the first image in a multi-page .pdf document. I have not found a way to get the image back… and if you scanned it and then threw it away you’re out of luck.

Per my note of July, 2008 above,

“Although DT Pro Office has a script that can rotate images – and PDFs are images, in part – do not use that script, as it will cause problems for multi-page PDFs.”

PDF pages can safely be rotated in Preview or in Acrobat, and the file can be saved after such an edit.