Rotating PDF in DT Pro Office

I have scanned an article into DT Pro Office and it seems that some of the pages are a bit askew. It is in Hebrew and I think that it might have gotten messed up by the OCR.

  1. If I scan a document that is just in Hebrew can I shut off the OCR and still have it scan straight into DT Pro Office.?

  2. Can I rotate pages in DT Pro Office?


The OCR routine doesn’t result in skewing of the image. Alignment of the copy should be done as well as possible when placing the material on the scanner. Some scanner drivers allow alignment control of the image as well as straightening of curved lines of text in the image.

Hebrew and Asian languages recognition are not included in the IRIS OCR module in DT Pro Office.

Some scanners, like the Fujitsu ScanSnap, can automatically set landscape or portrait alignment page-by-page for languages that OCR can recognize.

Although DT Pro Office includes a routine to rotate images, do not use it for multipage PDFs, as you would then be able to read only the first page. That routine is primarily intended for other image types.

I have the scansnap and what I did was just scan it straight to Adobe Acrobat, rotate whatever had to be rotated and then import it to DT Pro. I knew that DTPO OCR doesn’t work for Hebrew so I was wondering if there was a way to import it directly and just skip its attempt to do OCR.

There’s not currently a way to send the ScanSnap output directly to DT Pro Office without involving the OCR module.

Just send it to another application, e.g. Acrobat or Preview, then import the images from the Finder into the database.