Rotating PDF pages with Skim

I scan a large number of handwritten documents, and the ScanSnap software seems to think that, much of the time, my writing more resembles English if it’s read upside (I’m not sure I disagree with it, actually…). Thus, I tend to have lots of upside-down pages that I need to manually rotate.

I can do that fine in Preview, and the changes get reflected in Devonthink as they should. I prefer to use Skim as my PDF reader, though, especially because it has a dedicated keyboard combo for rotating the current page. When I rotate something in Skim, however, the changes are NOT reflected in Devonthink. Other changes (such as annotation) appear to work just fine (and appear in DT), but the document in Devonthink remains upside down. If I close the Skim window and reopen the document from Devonthink, it opens the upside down version.

Is anyone else having this problem? Could the DTDudes look into it?


The next beta will use the latest SkimNotes framework, hopefully this will fix the issue.