Rotation of Images in Microsoft Word Documents

I am using Microsoft Word and my document includes text and images.
When the document is shown in DevonThink - the image is shown rotated 90 degrees.

Is there a way I can fix this?


Stop using Word? :mrgreen:

Please start a Support Ticket and attach a file that exhibits the behavior and we’ll look at it. Bear in mind, it’s likely just a QuickLook issue and nothing we can fix.

I’m using Word because the “inline” editors that are part of Devon Think won’t let me resize pictures. Devon Think will “shrink to fit” pictures - but then I have this massive picture in my rtf - that I can’t resize.

So I went, reluctantly, to Word - to create documents which let me have “inline” photos which I could resize as much as I wanted.

Now, for some reason, DevonThink rotates the picture. I am on a Mac, with the latest version of Office.

So, if not Word, what other external document editors are other people using to create documents which have “inline” media - which Devon think can then display correctly?

Personally, I use Markdown in DEVONthink, every single day.

DEVONthink doesn’t ”rotate the picture", it only displays a QuickLook view of the document. Right-click the file in DEVONthink and choose Show in Finder, then press the Spacebar to open a QuickLook window for the file. Does it display correctly there?

Yes - it is rotated there as well.

I found this article and fixed the problem by changing the “layout” of the picture in word. … ed-picture

Thanks for your help.

Nice! Thanks for the follow-up and the link. Cheers! :smiley: