RSS-DTPO Weirtdness

Hello All,

Here’s a bit of a puzzle, over the last two days.

I use Vienna as my RSS reader. I’m not sure if I changed some preference in DTPO, but whenever I open the RSS icon, Vienna opens up. About two or three seconds later, the DTPO icon starts its bounce, and viola, DTPO opens.

Before I call in for an exorcism…I thought I’d post here (those things are expensive!)


This came up recently with RSS under Mavericks – a similar situation where OS X changed the RSS default. I didn’t have time to search for the thread on the forum, but there were suggestions for changing the default RSS reader back to DEVONthink.

I see what I seem to have done.

In Preferences, under RSS I set it to “Check for updates” manually instead of “After opening the Database” and that seems to have fixed it.

If you still have the issue, see my thread over here: Default RSS reader?