RSS feed duplication


I’ve had a number of RSS feeds to a few (12) online journals/websites for quite a while now, but have noticed in the last couple of months (and def post upgrade to D3), that for five of them they just keep coming (Taylor Francis online). Before the links would pop up, I’d go through them, follow the ones I wanted and delete the ones I didn’t, but now, if I delete them, they pop up again. If I don’t delete them, they come up again so that I have two of every link (so far). It’s making it impossible to use as I have no way of knowing if the links are new or not.

Any advice greatly appreciated - the problematic links are:

It most likely appears to be a fault at their end, but just wondered if this chimed with anything you’ve found.


Which version of DEVONthink do you use? Screenshots of the Info window of a duplicate pair would be useful too.

I’m on version 3.0.1

Looking in the Trash I have six of each link as it goes, and that’s only since I last emptied the Trash, so these are from the clar20 one (Landscape Research)

How often does this duplication happen? One workaround might be a smart rule that is performed on news and deletes duplicates automatically.

I’ve lost count tbh. I’ll give that workaround a go, many thanks for taking a look