rss feed file association


If I click on an RSS feed online, rather than opening the associated xml file, it tries to open the feed in DevonThink.

For example, if I enter the following URL in my browser – – it asks if I want to open DevonThink. I would prefer that the feed xml file just opened in my browser. Is there anyway to change the file association?

Just to note that if I download the xml file manually, then that xml file opens in a text editor (as it should) and not DTP.

Thanks in advance.

The system has decided this for you, not DEVONthink. If you download a bespoke RSS app, it is very likely that will become the default app for feeds.

PS: Why do you want to see the feed XML in your browser?

Thanks Jim.

Yes, that indeed did work. Much appreciated.



You’re very welcome. :smiley: