RSS Feed - Prevent Tags to be imported

I will love to transfer my favourite RSS feed to DEVONthink, but it import also the TAG.
I like to be in control of the TAGs used.
Is there any possibility to prevent the TAGs to be important with the feed?
Thank you for your help,

Try preferences RSS > Convert categories to tags

From help:

Convert categories to tags: Some RSS articles have tag metadata to help people more easily navigate the publisher’s site. Check this option to convert these to DEVONthink tags. Note this can add a great number of tags to your database.

Also see the Help > Documentation > Getting Started > Tagging > Tagging Sources and this blog post…

Everything is unchecked.
I can’t find a solution for now :frowning:

You are in the wrong preference pane-go to RSS.

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I found it :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your help :pray:

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Glad you found it! :slight_smile: