RSS feeds.... and sync

I have a few dozen RSS feeds from scientific journals that I follow.

I read through them in the morning on my home computer (all the feeds are marked as read) then sync my database via dropbox.

When I get to work and open my work computer, sync the database from dropbox at work, the RSS feeds are all marked as unread. If I leave the RSS feeds unread on the work computer and sync the database back to dropbox when I get home the RSS feeds are marked as read.

It’s as though the read vs. unread status for RSS feeds doesn’t sync through the mechanism that has been set up via dropbox.

I feel like there is something simple I am missing but can quite figure it out and having to delete out feeds twice isn’t quite how I imagined my workflow when I started out.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

The only idea coming to my mind is that the feeds are refreshed on your work computer before the synchronization is complete (or even started), meaning that the latest news are added and marked as unread.

It looks as though that is the issue. Once I switched the RSS feed refresh to manual I no longer had the issue. Thanks for the advice