RSS Feeds + Cookies + Per-Feed CSS: ....How?


I have two sites I want to have the feeds for in my DT3 that both meet the following criteria:

  • The RSS feeds are public but for the full content to display it is necessary to click-through and be logged in with a cookie.

  • The pages require ‘transformative’ CSS/JS for DT to be able to render them properly as HTML or WebArchive. I usually do this with a Safari Extension like Cascadea/Userscript/Tampermonkey before I clip.

One solution I have is to concoct some automation that would run the custom CSS over each article then put the result of that into its own RSS file which I give to DT3. I don’t even know where I’d start doing this.

I also think I could probably do this by having a script inside DT3 doing something similar to what the Github repo mhucka/devonthink-hacks is doing in the auto-convert-web-page-to-PDF folder where I would have a script to take the URL from a bookmark document, take the necessary steps to make DT play ball with it and then hand it back to convert to WebArchive but again, I’m in unfamiliar territory.

The thing that’s currently within my skill level would be a third party feed reader app that could do some of/all of this work.

Would somebody for whom this is more familiar territory be able to advise on my best plan of action? I’m happy to tinker with AppleScript and implement it but some hints on how to go about it will probably save me a painful afternoon (or a few) working with several unfamiliar things at once.

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Welcome @wriggle

What third-party app are you referring to?