RSS feeds for DtG 2?

Returning back to the macOS ecosystem, with the refresh of the MacBook Pros. Looking to return to using DEVONthink Pro Office, and DtG 2.0 (which wasn’t released back when I was using DTPO.).

Just wanted to know how the RSS feeds system works for DtG 2.

•How is RSS on mobile?
•How does syncing RSS feeds work? Is it autonomous (in the sense that I can refresh the feeds whilst on DtG, or do I have to first refresh it on macOS, and then sync in the new feeds to DtG?

Thanks in advance. Also looking forward to DT 3.0, when it comes out.

DEVONthink To Go 2 doesn’t support refreshing of feeds yet, therefore you have to refresh them on the Mac and synchronize the data (ideally automatically)

Thanks for the quick reply.

One of my major annoyances with the current provider I’m using (Feedbin) is that they have an upper limit of unread feeds. So if I take a break or go on a holiday, my unread feeds will just disappear (even though I have the fullest of intentions to go through the backlog after I return.). DTPO has no such limitations + it’s your own database.

Big fan of reading RSS feeds on the go, so it’d be great if I can manually sync in new feeds on the phone whilst I’m on the go (and then afterwards sync my read progress to the Mac.).

Looking forward to seeing this feature implemented.