RSS Feeds in DT3?

Hi Everyone. I’ve not used DT for RSS feeds before, but I decided to use DT3 for my RSS feeds. However, I can’t get it to work. For example, I copy one of the feeds from Science Daily (, select Data-> New Feed and a window comes up. I paste in the feed URL, tell it to Add, and a feed icon with title shows in DT3, but no feed articles ever show up. I’ve tried every combination of forward slashes, etc. in the URL that I can think of to try to make this work. If anyone has an answer here, I’d appreciate it.

That’s not the correct URL for their feeds. That’s merely a listing of feeds available from that site. Below you will see the individual feeds to be added to the base URL, like

In fact, you should be able to control-click the desired item and copy the URL to the clipboard.

Thank you Bluefrog, I hadn’t seen the more specific feeds below. You are a time-saver!

You’re very welcome. Fortunately, most solutions are very simple and logical :slight_smile: