RSS Feeds Tricks

So I have a Pinboard account where I keep all my bookmarks. I wanted to be able to have a backup of all my bookmarks as PDFs in case the archive account somehow loses any data I have. What I can do is to have my Pinboard account RSS in Devonthink which I have found to work. What I want is a way to have Devonthink take the links from that RSS feed and save it as PDFs. If there’s an applescript or automator workflow to do this, could somebody point me there?

Do you want a new PDF of each linked-to page for each bookmark in your feed? Or do you want a PDF that contains just the bookmark links, and not the page content?

If the later, I’d suggest exporting your bookmarks from Pinboard in one of the plain text formats – XML or JSON. See Pinboard’s Settings > Export

A PDF (preferably not paginated) of the articles themselves.

See, for example: