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A Safari dialog box is imtermitently and frequently popping up and asking me to “Enter your [my] name and password to update the RSS feed.” It also states:
“To update the RSS feed “DEVONtechnologies”, you need to log in to the area “For registered users only” on Your password will be sent in clear text.” Then is asks me for a name and password.

I can find no "“For registered users only” area on the D-T site. When I enter my Mac computer name and password, the dialog box goes away, but it returns a short time later.

Is there a solution to this problem, or should I just eliminate the Devon Feed?

Here exists the same problem, since today. Before this never happend.

What is the cause?

I’m experiencing the same problem with PulpFiction (an RSS reader). Very annoying. Surely we should not be required to log in just to read messages via RSS?

I wrote to Eric Boenisch about it, and he assured me the log-in request was legitimate and from DevonTech. If the message persists after you have logged in, you have reason to complain.

I think this change of procedure could have been handled more professionally. We should have had a notification and an explanation. After all, the dialog is requesting access to Keychain, and that’s often a sign of spyware.

I didn’t ask why the company is suddenly doing this. My guess would be that spammers are gaining access and leaving junk messages, and this is an effort to clear them out.

I’m a recently new forum member, and had to register to subscribe to the RSS feed initially. So it’s possible that the “change” isn’t exactly new, but took effect when your existing cookie expired.

I’ve gotten some pretty repulsive porn spam in my DT RSS feed. Anything that puts a stop to it is fine by me.


I am a French registered user of DTP and DA and a syndicated reader of the Devon forum, news and blog RSS feeds as well.
Since a couple of days, I have also been getting frequently a Safari dialog box asking me to “enter my name and password ti update RSS feed”.
Initially, I did not obey, thinking that it could be a kind of hacking. Then, I keyed in the appropriate requested data but, nevertheless, the dialog box pops up again and again…every n minutes.
I can understand that the Devon team has to protect us and itself from spammers but they should tell us whether they are thinking about an other (and more comfortable) solution or whether we have to cancel our RSS syndication…which would be, unfortunately, the temporary victory of spammers.
I guess that we are all supporting you but, please, let us know how to behave.

Twenty times in a day is enough. I’m just going to remove my Devon feed.

Hmm, I’ve just checked. I needed to log in, and I chose to store my name and password in the keychain. I then viewed the RSS feed several times, with putting my Macbook to sleep inbetween, and I never asked again for my name and password.

Did you all chose to store your details in the keychain? And which RSS readers do you use? I tried with Safari and, of course, DEVONagent.

I have not made any changes to the board or the RSS feed script recently.

Are any of you using a proxy server? That used to happen to me when I’d log on to the univ. library proxy server for research. (They’ve changed their system, so it’s no longer an issue.)

I’m not quite clear how requiring a username and password to access an RSS feed will prevent this? RSS is read-only isn’t it?

I’ve no problem with logging into the forum webpage to post but having to put in a username and password every time I access the RSS feed makes the RSS feed unusable for me and even putting it in my keychain hasn’t stopped it requesting the login details.

I’m currently subscribed to 24 different RSS feeds and none of the others require access details to read them. As far as I can tell the only reason for requiring logins for RSS is where the feed is private and you want to restrict who can access it. For example if my personal calendar was available as an RSS feed I might only want my family and friends to be able to access it. Similarly a company might have an internal RSS feed of company news. It would make sense to restrict access to the feed in that case since it would presumably contain sensitive information about the company. Such an approach seems at variance with the idea of a public forum like this.

That is strange. I re-subscribed to the feed yesterday, put in my details and told it to store the username and password in the keychain. Gone, no more questions.

I’ve had the same experience as Eric, but only after taking the fairly drastic step of File: Reset Safari, which erases all cookies. In the case of psmyth, there may be a conflict between an old cookie for the DT Forum and the new one, which forces the sign-in dialog to re-appear. Perhaps erasing the previous DT cookies will help. And I agree totally with the annoyance and privacy issues raised by psmyth!

The main reason why we added the login to the RSS feed is to allow people to also see private groups in the feed, e.g., beta testers or ourselves. But I can remove it or make both variants available via our Support page, no problem.

Done. Thanks for the quick fix.