RSS issue with DT to Go


I am setting up DT to become my RSS reader and have an issue with DT to Go.

This link[1] renders well on DT MacOS but shows the XML contents on DT to Go.

Note that the source of the links is here:

Can you please advise?

I’m successfully seeing the county-level alerts for York County, ME from the Atom feed in DTTG on my iPad:

I’m not seeing any issue with the articles from that feed in DEVONthink To Go.

What version of DEVONthink To Go and operating system are you running?

Thanks for checking.

I am using:

Does DTTG support RSS like DT?

Not the same as DEVONthink as they don’t refresh. However the feed articles are just HTML documents unless the type is changed in DEVONthink’s preferences.

@philippecmartin : what is set in DEVONthink’s Preferences > RSS?

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Well, this morning when I checked, the York County ME feed I showed in the screenshot started show up as XML instead of a rendered page.

Unfortunately, I also loaded the IPad OS 16 beta last night, so I can’t be sure whether this is a change in the NWS feeds or something related to the beta. I’ll keep digging.

Thanks for the update.
Does the feed article look correct in DEVONthink still but not in DEVONthink To Go?





While the behavior is different: nothing renders, I also have issues with RSS from this page (iOS only).

Source website: Storm Prediction Center Experimental RSS Feeds for Forecast Products
example: SPC Convective Outlooks

I also noticed that on iOS, the RSS all show a thumbnail that seems to render the contents correctly.

Finally, some RSS work fine:


Why do you have XML files shown in the bookmarks?

I added the convective outlook feed, yielding one article and it looks fine in DEVONthink To Go…

It’s also an HTML document, which is correct for the RSS settings you have.

@BLUEFROG : I must be picking up the wrong url: I right click on the line of interest and paste in DT - what do you do?

Yes, DT Mac and DTTG are now showing different results.

For URL Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories for York (MEC031) Maine Issued by the National Weather Service

DT Mac:

For iOS:

I am not convinced this isn’t something that has changed on the NWS end, as I have older feed entries that rendered correctly. The CAP XML data structure is complex.

Huh: I just noticed that the ones that don’t render are classified as bookmarks, but the old examples that do render correctly are classified as HTML documents:

RSS articles, or news, are natively HTML files not XML or bookmarks.

@philippecmartin: I copy the URL and use Data > New > Feed to create a new feed in DEVONthink.

@dmlounsbury: This appears to be an issue with the feed as it’s returning a bookmark in this case.

@cgrunenberg: I confirmed an issue with a feed having as the URL. There is only one article and it downloads a .webloc

Also the URL of the downloaded bookmark is invalid:

@BLUEFROG - Many thanks - I understand there is no way for DT to guess whether the input is an RSS. Not sure why the Mac version managed but that’s out of scope - I’m happy - thanks:)

DEVONthink on the Mac supports viewing of bookmarked RSS feeds too, the XML is on-the-fly converted to a HTML version.

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That’s the expected behaviour if the feed format is Automatic and the article doesn’t have any content.

Thanks, all. Concur that something has changed in the feed. I’ll keep my eye on it - we should see some alerts posted today, so it won’t be an empty feed.