RSS question

I’m currently using Pulp as my RSS aggregator and reader mainly because its UI is very pleasing to my eyes and it has some good display options.

However, this weekend I found a new site whose feed I wanted to add to Pulp. The usual way to do this is to click the orange broadcast icon to get the feed URL from the browser address field. Doing this doesn’t work as expected but adds the feed automatically to my currently open DTPO database. Well, it also does this if DTPO hasn’t been launched as it will launch DTPO and insert the feed. Sort of like there’s a pref somewhere that has marked DTPO as the default RSS newsreader. I can’t for the life of my find where such a pref exists, if it even exists.

I’m on OS X 10.8 Mtn Lion and I’ve heard that Apple has made some changes to how it handles RSS as they no longer show up in either Safari or Mail. DTPO is version 2.3.5.

If anyone knows how to disable the “automatically add RSS feed to DTPO” I’d really like to learn about this. It’s frustrating to not be able to add feeds to Pulp.


Yes, it used to be that you could set the default RSS reader in Mail and I believe, also in Safari. As Mountain Lion doesn’t deal with RSS in Mail or Safari, I don’t know of any way to change this without a 3rd party app. One that comes to mind is RDCDefaultApp, available here. I haven’t used this utility in years, so I can only assume that it works on Mountain Lion.

@Greg_Jones. Thanks for your quick and helpful response. That pref pane works fine in Mtn. Lion. I just changed it to Pulp but am now having troubles with Pulp, so I’m going back to DTPO. Just goes to prove how “things just work” using DTPO. :smiley: I do wish that there was some way to control the display (and there probably is) of feeds in DTPO so that they resemble newspaper columns or show the first few lines of each article rather than just an article list.

Thanks again!