RSS Questions and How Best to Set These Up


I just started using DT to bring in my RSS feeds. I’ve noticed a few things which I do not understand.

First, all feeds come in with the State as unhidden. I am not sure if I find this annoying yet because I don’t know the rational behind it. Why do RSS feeds come in with State displayed after the document is read? Is there a way to have the State set to Hide by default?

Second, I have noticed that if I delete an RSS document, a little while later it shows up again. Is there a setting I have missed or is DT telling me that I really need to keep this document?


The only way right now is to modify the scripts (see ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro/Feeds).

The scripts are intended for archiving feeds and therefore all missing items are always added.

Thank you. Perhaps as a future enhancement, the RSS feature could remember deleted docs and not re-add them. I prefer to keep my database lean and specific to only what I need.