RSS stopped working

I have a number of feeds from various sources that have all stopped working (I think on Sunday). By quitting DTPO, restarting it and then choosing “Refresh feeds” I was able to get a single refresh yesterday, but now today there have been no updates to the feeds since (and choosing “Refresh feeds” doesn’t help). These are feeds that I’ve used for months without issue. I upgraded to High Sierra last week (don’t remember the day, but I think it was before Sunday), if that makes a difference. Any thought as to how to troubleshoot this?

Is you Preferences > RSS set to an interval other than Manually or When opening the database?

It’s set to check for updates every 15 minutes (I have not changed this recently).

Can you provide a feed URL that’s not working?

Same issue here.
Some Feeds are now grey (“down”?!) and stopped working.

Don’t know when, had DT not running for some time.


The latter one in both versions.



What operating system and version of DEVONthink are you running? I’m not seeing any issues with those feeds.