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I was just testing the personal edition. I’ve noticed (tell me if I’m wrong) that footnotes in word documents or in rtf documents vanish when they are imported into Devonthink. This is regrettable because I have to retrieve a lot of valuable  information that is stored in footnotes. Will there be a solution?

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There’s no full support of Word documents in the Personal Edition (only the conversion to plain text based on AntiWordService and therefore the utility antiword).

But if some RTF documents do not work as expected, please send us some examples. Thanks!

Dear Devonthink team

As I told you, I have encountered some problems with footnotes in rtf documents (and imported word docs) . When I import these (rtf or word) documents into Devonthink, footnotes simply disappear. It’s of course a major drawback: most scientific texts contain footnotes where valuable information is stored.

I don’t need a perfectly “formatted” text in a Devonthink windows, but the content of the footnote has to appear somewhere, even in plain text, and its content has to be retrieved. Here a simple solution for transformation:

Molto inchiostro è stato versato sul Don Giovanni di Da Ponte. Due elementi principali  che si trovano nelle discussioni intorno al Don Giovanni riguardano la denominazione del genere (dramma giocoso) e il contenuto.(1)

( 1 Cfr. Pirotta, Don Giovanni in musica, Marsilio Editore)

This solution is simple, but would improve Devonthink’s capacities and transform it into a far more interesting tool for researchers.

Note, please, that MS Word itself, when I’m transforming the same document in plain text (I have sent you by e-mail several sample documents), does it pretty the same way: the texts of the footnotes is included at the end in the new plain text file:

1 Cfr. Pirotta, Don Giovanni in musica, Marsilio Editore
2 Un caso interessante è il cembalo. Spesso si concepisce questo strumento come precursore del pianoforte. In realtà non è così. Tecnicamente il cembalo è una specie di lauto meccanico, altamente sviluppato; il pianoforte, invece, deriva da

It would very handy if antiwordservice would be as efficient. My colleagues and I are dealing with thousands of texts, most with foot or endnotes. And we would not  be  very happy to "transform" each text manually (with "save as") into a txt file. Drag and Drop would be more convenient.

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I would like to confirm that this is a significant issue.  I have lost diagrams embedded within .rtf files created from MSWord documents (via "Save as"…rtf).  Are there any solutions, aside from creating a separate .gif or .jpg file?

Lisa Plantefaber

Send us some problematic RTF files (not the Word documents) together with a description about what is missing or going wrong and we’ll check this.