RTF Formating problem

I am almost embarrassed to say that I have not experienced (yet?) any of the sync. problems that so many people are having. Maybe my stuff is too simple?

What I have problems with is the way many of my document (RTF mostly) come out looking in DTTG: with document sizes that are not the way I set them in DT Pro, and in particular with really wide margins. That is definitely the case of all my documents with tables in them. Now, I don’t know why I keep using DT Pro to make tables because it’s so painful, but after I have finally managed, through a combination of luck and curses, to get DT Pro to size my columns the way I want, it’s kind of annoying to see that DTTG adds a wide margin on the left and then crops on the right instead of scaling. Is there any way to adjust this?

Trying to view things in landscape mode does not help of course because DTTG follows Apple (with their crappy Notes app.) and display on the left side that database navigation pane that I so much wish I could hide. I want to use the full size of the iPad to view my documents, not some GUI elements that I only need every now and then.

Leaving aside your criticism of Apple products, we basically have no choice at present but to use Apple’s built-in support for RTF documents. As better applications for viewing RTF become available, we will (if possible) offer more “Open in…” features. And when possible, as DTTG matures, we will offer additional in-app document viewers that are more in line with our desktop products.

I won’t comment on the “Open in…” feature until iOS 4.2 is out and the iPad gets multitasking. Regarding formatting issues, I guess what you are saying is that I had better export to pdf all the documents I want to sync. with DTTG, since what would have been my choice as “Open in…” app., ReadDocuments, has the same display issues as DTTG.

What about the DTTG panel/bar on the left side of the document in landscape view? Any way to hide it?