RTF links load needed databases?


Am I correct in thinking that if I have an RTF file in a database, and that RTF file contains a HYPERLINK to a file (say PDF) in another database, that this other database is automatically loaded in order to resolve the HYPERLINK?

For me, the HYPERLINK doesn’t seem to wait until I’ve clicked on it to load the additional database.

(Actually, further experimentation indicates that DTPO waits until the HYPERLINK receives a mouse-over before it loads the needed database, correct?)

Thanks, Charles

Yes, that’s correct. If you Option-Command-Drag a document from another database into an RTF document, a link is created. That’s equivalent to choosing Edit > Copy Item Link while viewing the target document, then pasting the Item Link into the RTF.

When that link is clicked, the target document will open in its own window. If the database that contains the target document wasn’t open when the link was invoked, it will open in order to display the document.

This has rich possibilities for use. :slight_smile:

Hovering over the link will display the target’s Item Link.

The database (if closed) will not open until the link is clicked.