Rtf note created on Mac, edited on DTTG 3

I have created a note, with bullet points, in DT3 on my Mac. Sync’d to my iPad, when I opened the note on my iPad I was unable to add further bullet points.
Am I missing something here? Are the tools for creating rtf notes on DT3 different to on DTTG3?

This is a known shortcoming with the rich text framework in DEVONthink To Go. Rich text is not a mobile-native format and Apple decided to not explicitly support it. This means we have to employ third-party frameworks. We are investigating replacement frameworks for a future release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

note editing (e. g. annotations made on Mac or simply just a quick note using RTF) on iPad is a ‚nightmare‘ since a long time if using Devonthink-to-go, for those expecting this as a core feature of the App. I‘m using DT2go as read-only and have switched to a different solution exactly for that reason (and because of some more limitations regarding sorting of search results and smart groups).