RTF Notes Small Fonts

DT version: 3.9
macOS version: 13.2.1

I’m struggling to use RTF notes in DT since the font sizes seem incorrect, and are always much smaller on screen than any other RTF editor. This happens both on my laptop display and external displays, regardless of screen resolution. I’ve attached a screen shot to show this, with the same RTF document shown in three apps:

Top left - Pages rendering at 100% zoom.
Bottom Left - TextEdit at 100% zoom (“actual size”).
Right - DEVONthink RTF note at 100% zoom (“actual size”).

The DT rendering is tiny compared to Pages/TextEdit (and a few other RTF editors I’ve checked). This makes working with RTF files in DT difficult/impossible. Either I make the fonts bigger, which result in HUGE text in other apps or when I print the RTF file, or I have to tinker with display resolution to see the text at a readable size. Neither solution is very practical.

Any suggestions as to how I can fix this? I can’t find any DT setting to adjust the rendered size of text in RTF notes. It’s also quite possible this occurs in other note formats too, but I only generally use RTF notes.

Doesn’t happen over here (DEVONthink 3.9, macOS 12.6.3):

Interesting … so what, I wonder, is different between your setup and mine? I’ve had a chance to test this on 4 different MacBook models, on both the internal and external display, at different resolution settings, and its always much smaller in DT.

I’m still on Monterey, but don’t think that that explains the difference.

I am seeing measurable but small differences. Nothing that would seem consequential.

And you’ve confirmed you have View > Zoom > Actual Size set in DEVONthink, @drtimhill ?