RTF Tables Failures

I am really struggling with these and I understand that DT3 uses the TextEdit functionality. At a base level they are okay, but you can’t do some basic things such as insert a row? If you copy the table into word and paste it back the table width is limited.

This surely needs to be improved upon?

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly: You want to edit tables in an RTF document within DT, correct?

Although the DT people should know the final answer to that: I doubt that DT is meant to replace an RTF editor. In my opinion, it is a document management system with a lot of added bells and whistles. But blowing it up to a fully-fledged editor of every format it can manage (think audio, images, PDF etc.) would, I think, make it an unwieldy behemoth.

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Format > Table brings up the table properties editor. You can modify a selected table with it, same as in TextEdit.

Yes that’s correct - RTF. I understand what you’re saying, but you can’t insert a row and if you edit in word etc it messes up the table width. I appreciate it’s a doc management system…