RTF Toolbar Missing in Action

Brand new to DTP and DA. I have created a few databases in addition to the GTD version that drove my initial purchase. In RTF files I create from scratch inside the database I do not get the little toolbar in the window. I did try some forum searches, but must not be quite good enough in keywords yet.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am sure to have more questions and hopefully some worthy input at a future date.

Thank you in advance


Try this on the top menu:

Format: Ruler: Show Ruler

After you’ve done that for one new RTF file, the Show Ruler should appear by default.

I also recommend that you set the View: as Three Panes

Good tips by howarth.

There are six views, plus document windows, plus Sheets & Records. The List and Column views are handy when you are looking at your hierarchy of groups, subgroups and documents. The Icon view is probably most useful for image collections.

In addition there’s the Full Screen view, which some like when writing as a means of reducing distraction.

When I’m writing or browsing the Web I usually use the Vertical Split view, because it allows a larger view area, especially on my MacBook Pro.

So DT Pro provides a number of environments to work in your database. You might experiment a bit and decide on one or more comfortable working environments that fit your needs.

Thanks Howarth, that was the ticket. I do use the 3 pane view and I also show the info panel as was suggested elsewhere. Now I just need to dig in and get into the software.

I am writing a thesis for an MHA as well as teaching economics and using David Allen’s GTD methods, DTP seemed perfect for all three. I have not yet gotten my head around everything but the wealth of info in the forum will surely be a big boost.

Bill - your frequent posts are very helpful. Have you ever thought of some sort of compilation of them as well as those from others? With the wealth of information in the forum as well as the product website it has been somewhat tricky in where I should start or even turn for direction. As a newb something like a wiki of the “best of” here would be excellent! Of course given my propensity for sometimes overlooking the obvious maybe there is such a tool? If not, I would certainly be willing to assist in such an effort.