Ruler changes not reflected in new Rich Text documents

I use Styles in a Rich Text document in lieu of templates and to establish some uniformity to sections of documents. These Styles are saved as Favorite Styles and typically include Ruler and Spacing settings.

There’s an odd characteristic when a New Rich Text document is created in the Three Panes view. Select a new Style and nothing happens with the ruler – until you click within the document.

This only happens with a new document in the Three Panes view. Not if the document is opened in its own document window. Not if opened by anything else using the TextEdit engine. There ruler changes caused by different Styles are reflected immediately.

In the case of the new Rich Text document in the Three Panes view, could the focus be brought from the document name to the document itself with any selection of Styles, Spacing, etc., from the document toolbar? Then ruler changes caused by different Styles would be reflected immediately.

I find this behavior very annoying. Is there anything that can be done about it?

Will this be corrected in an update?

We’ll try to work around this in an upcoming release.

Thanks a lot.