Run DevonThink Script with Keyboard Maestro

Hi there, I want to set up a keyboard shortcut with KM to move an email from Mail to Devonthink. I cannot figure out how to do it. Has anyone figured it out and can help? Thank you in advance for your time.

Here, “Move Mail to DT3” already has the shortcut Ctrl-Cmd-Option M. If you want to use another one, you could probably do so by redefining it in system preferences/keyboard/shortcuts.

If that is not what you mean, you might want to elaborate.

Thank you for the quick reply and this would work for me, but I cannot find it in the system preferences/keyboard/shortcuts.

Was there an add-in I need to add or some other action? Your help is appreciated.

You’ll need to have the e-mail plug-in installed. See the numerous forum posts regarding this. Here’s the screenshot from my Mail popup:

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Thank you very much, I never knew that was a thing, and I was able to make it work. Here is the link to the post about enabling the mail plugin.