running scripts in quicksilver?

Has anyone managed to run the “copy selection to…” script in quicksilver?

I import a lot of text from the web into DTPO, and am tired of using the mouse to pull down the scripts menu, select DEVONthink Pro, then select ‘copy selection to…’. I tried using a trigger in quicksilver but does not work (neither do the other Safari scripts for DTPO).

Anyone have any luck? Either that, or is there a keyboard shortcut for the Mac which allows one to pull down the scripts menu? I know CTRL+F2 activates the left-hand menubar, but I’m looking for one for the right-hand side of the menu bar.



Interesting, I tried all the variations in QS and the drop-down scripts and QS will not allow them to work for me either. So all I can do at this point is offer sympathy that you are not alone.

You might have a look at FastScripts (Lite):

Hey thanks, Christian - great suggestion - missed that application in my searches.

Just for everyone’s reference who may happen across this thread: this app has quite a bit of promise, but doesn’t seem to play quite right. What it seems to do, when you assign a keyboard shortcut to ‘copy selection to…’, is actually copy the LAST selection and not the currently-highlighted selection.

If you don’t use the keyboard shortcut, however, it works fine, just like the regular applescript menu.

I’ll investigate further, but if I don’t post again in this thread, assume the issue still exists.

If you are using a true Cocoa web browser, like Safari or Shiira, you can use the built-in keyboard shortcut that activates the clipping from the Services menu. Do it this way:
If you are a DTP user just select the text in the browser and then hit COMMAND-SHIFT-) for the RTF clipping or COMMAND-SHIFT-( for a plain text clipping. Couldn’t be easier or faster. If you are a DT user the keyboard shortcut I think is slightly different – just goto the Services menu and see what it is. Some browsers like Camino only allow a Plain text clipping, and don’t append the URL, so using a real Cocoa browser is a huge advantage.

Bingo! That works a treat. Thanks, frmoses! I just wish it would give me the option to select which folder to copy into, but I can live with it going into the root folder and then moving everything later.