Safari 14: CMD-) now beeps, no action

I suppose this has to do with the update to Safari 14? I’ve tried to fix this myself for the last 14 hours to no avail.

Details: Yes, the Safari menu flashes inverse, so the shortcut is making it that far, at least. Then a system beep. Then nothing.

The forum wisdom says reboot. Did that. No effect.

Changed shortcut. No effect.

Thanks in advance!

What Safari menu flashes?
Are you referring to the clipping extension?

The upper-left corner of your screen says “Safari” in bold, to the right of the Apple menu and left of “File.” I just mention this to say that the shortcut is landing in the right place (Safari > Services > DevonThink 3: Take Rich Note). BTW, Take Plain Note still works.

Yes, this is an issue in Safari 14. However, it’s unclear if and how it can be resolved at this time. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

It appears that the Safari 14.0.1 update resolves this bug

Thanks for the follow-up.