Safari 4

Anyone know of any reason, Devon-wise, NOT to use the new beta version of Safari?

The revised bookmarks format is not yet supported and the Selection bookmarklet doesn’t work. Public beta 4 will fix this.

And I’m not sure if Safari 4 is to blame but crash logs are useless lately (repeating the same line over and over again instead of containing some usable information).

Good to know. I really only use the Bookmark and Archive bookmarklets, but I really like the faster speed of Safari 4 so I’d hate to give it up.

So far my biggest issue with Safari 4 Public Beta (installed yesterday for testing on my wife’s eMac) is it broke the FJNWebArchive Quick Look plugin. And Sogudi, but its end of development was announced a few months ago and there are Safari 4-compatible alternatives (e.g. Keywurl).

It’s tempting to install Safari 4 on my iMac but I’ll probably wait for DEVONthink 2.0pb4 and hope FJNWebArchive will also be fixed.

So is Safari 4 Public Beta safe to install for users of DEVONthink pro 2.0pb4?

Here it works,

I tested it with this forum-page. Everything fine more or less, but the HTML-saved version show bigger letters, so this is not so nice. But pdf and archive looks nice.

One thing: When I press the bookmarklet which allows to select different ways to save a page, this is a little unresponsive, it lasts some seconds (2 to 3 sec.) before the layer is there.