Safari and firefox capabilities with devonthink pro

My question has to do with using devonthink office pro with safari and firefox. Does safari have more capabilities in working with devonthink as far as scripts, and importing and all of that? or do they both work equally well with devonthink. I ask because when i accessed my scripts menu in the taskbar I see more scripts that perform actions with devonthink when using safari, then I do when im in firefox. Also when I was using the “copy selection” hotkey and it seemed like when using it in safari whatever webpage or clipping I was copying would retain more formatting in safari. when i say formatting i mean background pictures, the colorscheme of the webpage, the copies looked identical. When using that feature in firefox, it would only copy the text and nothing else. SO i was wondering is one browser better to use with devonthink then another?

Your suspicions are correct.

Safari is a much better tool for capturing Web content into DEVONthink than is Firefox, which, I’m sorry to say, is a wimp for that purpose. Not surprisingly, DEVONagent is even better than Safari.

Firefox lacks a meaningful AppleScript dictionary and doesn’t understand OS X Services.

Yes, it’s possible to capture a WebArchive from Firefox via a script. But that capture is instantaneous in Safari using a Service, whereas the script has to capture the URL from Firefox, then reopen the page using WebKit before the WebArchive can be sent to DEVONthink.

I do a lot of rich text captures from Web pages using a Service to capture selected text/images. Firefox can’t handle that.

Firefox has many good features, but interoperability with Mac applications isn’t in its feature set.

thanks for the info, appreciate it :smiley:

two other things, 1) Ive just recently switched over to using devonthink pro, and Im curious whats the best strategy more backing up your information? Lets say I had to do a clean install for whatever reason. I keep all my databases in a folder in the documents folder, can I just copy that whole folder onto an external, then after the clean install and reinstallation of devonthink, can I just go, File > open database > and choose the databases I copied ? I understand referenced or linked files wont be there. I usually dont link or reference files, its usually a full import, so knowing that, would I be safe just backing up my databases onto an external, and still have access to all my files later?

  1. Since devonthink pro office comes with OCR, would it be redundant to have readiris installed? or is there some other benefit to having a program like readiris or abbyy finereader exress ? is there some added functionality in an app that specializes in OCR that devonthink might not have?

sry for so many questions

  1. Yes, your backup strategy would work – except, as you pointed out, for Index-captured files.

  2. DEVONtechnologies’ license from ABBYY doesn’t include some languages, e.g. Asiatic languages. DT Pro Office OCR produces scan output only in PDF, not other file formats.

The advantage of the OCR built into DTPO2 is “as good as it gets” OCR accuracy in a simplified workflow.