Safari browser extension doesn't work, only shortcut

I’ve set up a new MacBook Pro and one of the first things I did was installing dtpo. I installed the safari browser extension and it’s now in the safari toolbar, but clicking on it does nothing. When using the keyboard shortcut as set in the extension prefs it works … what could be the issue here?

Also running a new MB Pro 2017 over here, and the extension works just fine for me. I would try removing it from Safari (via Safari Preferences) and reinstalling.

FWIW, under Sierra when the DEVONthink extension is invoked Safari always asks if you want to open DEVONthink. It’s an annoyance. If you don’t use the Safari menubar extension, but instead you call the DEVONthink clipper by choosing if from Safari’s “Share” icon (click the Add to DEVONthink icon there), you will not get the annoying prompt.

AFAIK, it’s a Sierra nanny-prompt to protect you from horrible things and cannot be killed off.

thanks korm, your posts are always appreciated … meanwhile, the extension works after various system restarts … it didn’t work on first installation though … I don’t know why …

I can confirm that there’s no method of killing it: believe me, I’ve tried.

However, the share sheet alternative works the same way and doesn’t really involve significantly more effort.