Safari clipper for pdf

Hi, I try to save a paper from ieee, but it needs permission.

I understand the workflow of “Safari clipper”.

send url to DevonThink server->craw this page on server-> send to the inbox.

Could we jump the first and second steps(because on our local browser, we already have permission to access the link), handle the url on our local machine and send to the inbox directly.

For links like this , Safari clipper can work as our expected. But for some links need additional permission(like https://proxy.library.xxxxxx), it can not work.

The clipper can neither access protected websites nor the PDF document currently shown in Safari (as browsers don’t provide the necessary information/data). But you could e.g. print the PDF to DEVONthink instead. Or save it to the inbox folder.

I also try “Zotero Connector”, this safari extension can save the PDF document currently shown in Safari. Maybe it is also possible in “Clip to DEVONthink”?